My last stretch mark is taking a homeless man out to eat at Mc Donald’s he was a 42 year old Latino from Puerto Rico he came to the United states to see if he can get a better life he traveled a lot of places Baltimore, new York , Michigan , Mississippi, and a lot of more places he told us his life it was very sad because he knew a lot of things like music construction and carpeting in Puerto Rico he came and lived in New York city for about 5 years and when he came here to San Francisco he started to drink alcohol and do drugs like marijuana also cocaine and crack it made me cry a lot because one of my father’s friend is like that so I know how It feels because we always pass by and talk to him about why doesn’t he just go and get a job as a mechanic but his name is Eduardo he has his wife that passed away and his daughter so he can barely maintain himself but he now has a girlfriend that lets him stay with him in a condo and he is just one amazing funny guy it made me cry a bit with all the things that happened in his life. This happened today may 18 2012. The people that where with me was Zair Gonzales, Luis Gonzales, and Javier Sosa. Like I said we took Eduardo to Mc Donald’s. How I felt after taking Eduardo out to eat and getting to know about his life and how he is it made me want to cry and made me want to ask him more about his life but yet again I didn’t because I would feel bad but he is a pretty good guy and he was a musician that’s a dope part but he is a wonderful guy.



Well for my 4th stretch mark me and my friend Zair we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge the whole thing ohh my gosh we went around 2 o’ clock on a Saturday in march but I forgot the day sadly. But It was so cold that day and my dumb self forgot to bring pants because I did not expect it to be cold and foggy so we go on bus and we decided to walk it ohh my gosh I was so tired after we went half way I felt like a fat kid chasing cake except walking but my feet were also killing me so we took a quick break I was so cold I felt like a ice cold popsicle but yet again it was pretty fun because we saw cute girls cars passing by us like we were some G’s haha but anyway we got to the end zair got the biggest cramp ever he was on the floor saying “DUDE I GOT A FAT ASS CRAMP HELP ME YOU ASSHOLE” instead of helping I was dying of laughter but karma came and got me with me tripping over my shoe laces and fall face front. I choose going to Golden Gate because I didn’t have anything to do that day also because I needed a stretch mark and also because I wanted to walk it for my first time but it was great. After walking the Golden Gate Bridge it made me think three things one I need to lose a lot of weight.  Second I need to walk or jog more because I get to tired. And last thing I need to learn more about my city even do I know a few things but I want t learn more new thing in my city San Francisco.


My 3rd stretch mark is watching a movie in the daly city century 20 theaters and the movie is Red Tails I went on January 28 2012 I went with one of my closest friend Zair Gonzales we went on a Saturday at 2.00pm it was a bit crowded I tought it was gona be crowded because of the movie Red Tails but no it wasn’t it was crowded because a lot of people where just there chilling with their boyfriend or girlfriend or also just with friends but anyways me and Zair got lost a bit in the movies but we found it well the movie Red Tail is about a group of African-Americans being really brave to be or join World War II. The movie was really interesting it had so much action in it I was impressed with the movie I thought it was going to suck but it turned to be really good it had some funny moments or parts but it was really good I was caindove mad because it had so much racism I hate racism so much I got so mad I started to get all mad until the African Americans got there and where accepted to be in the World War II war it was crazy but the cool thing was that they had a red tail so they can confuse there enemy. Well like I said it took place in the century theater in daly city. After the movie I felt so bad about the innocent people that died in World War II but the cool thing is that the African Americans turned out to be heroes instead of foe so that was pretty cool and after that racism wasn’t a huge thing anymore even do it is bad but no one cared about it a lot.Image

My 2nd stretch mark is eating my 1st veagan dog I tought that the veagan dog was going to be very disgusting but it was actually pretty good my fat self actually ate 3 I thought they where gona make me vomit but golly it was pretty good from a rate 1-10 I will give it a 8. Well I don’t remember the exact date but I do remember it was in april or march im not sure but I do remember eating a veagan dog and sitting with Letisea Paul Chris Patricia and me it was funny because Chris would always say and do the dumbest thing ever in our table he would try to make fun of Paul when Paul would sometimes smack Chris but we were watching the A’s game  . The people that where with me was the whole class of Mr. Morgan well his 3rd period of course. But It took place once again in Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School in Mr. Morgan’s class. How I felt after eating that veagan dog wow I felt so good I felt like I ate 3 regular hot dogs I really didn’t see or tasted the difference of it the only thing I caindove did was that the veagan dog did not have any type of meat or any type of flavor of animal while the regular hot dog does am glad I tried a veagan dog it was pretty but that day was fun I got to watch baseball with my favorite teacher and spend time with my favorite period and eat talk and hang out while watching baseball ohh and by the way I mostly ate everyones veagan dog in my table now that is one sad fat kid that eats a lot .Image

Well for my 1st stretch mark for Mr. Morgan is reading the book The Hunger Games we read it in class and it was very interesting and I was very sad in the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the book had action and adventure so it was really good and nice to read a book that talks about killing to survive but yet again it is sad because you are risking your life to save yourself but we started reading it in the 2nd semester and ended it also in the 2nd semester but that book was amazing it had violence deaths love scenes and also there was romance well the book had the main character Katniss Everdeen her little sister prim was chosen and since Katniss knew that prim did not know how to survive Katniss volunteers for her little sister prim so now Katniss is facing survival or death as I say once again the book was very interesting and very addicting and once you would read one chapter it would make you think about the next chapter or the next thing that will happen to the people also it would make you think about the people that are helping the contestants that are in the arena risking their life . Well it took place in Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School after I read the book I felt so bad for the people that died in the game & arena it made me think twice about food it made me caindove want to donate food to the homeless and people that need to eat food because they don’t have enough food or they simply do not have food at all so like I said it made me think twice about throwing away the food I do not like.Image